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BKA convention 2007

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

It’s amazing how much you can forget in a year. Having just returned from the 2007 BKA convention (British Killifish Association), and having downloaded all my fish images from the camera, I thought i’d have a look at last years pictures. Some surprises for sure. Like I say, it’s amazing how much you can forget in a year.

Hence my new killifish blog. Hopefully i’ll keep a record of some of the more interesting developments in my fish room, and surprise myself at some point in the future.

Austrofundulus GuajiraSo, what new fish were at the 2007 convention? Well I returned with a few interesting new fish, and a few old favourites. Practically all of my newly purchased fish were Nothobranchius – with three notable exceptions. I bought a nice pair of an unusual Colombian anual killi Austrofundulus guajira, some lampeyes Rhexipanchax lamberti, (I can not recall either of these species available at auction in the UK) and a giant pair of Fundulopanchax sjoestedti ‘Niger delta’