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Rachovia for sale

Rachovia sp. Monteria (killifish) 30+eggs

Новосибирск, RUSSIA


Rachovia sp. Monteria (killifish) 30 eggs Incubating and HatchingIncubation In Peat. I pack eggs for shipment the same way I do for storage, so the simplest incubation method is to just leave them in the zip bag as received. If considerable moisture accumulates in the bag, open it for a day and let it dry a bit. Then reseal and store in a dark place at temperatures between 21and 27 degrees Celsium. Likewise, if the peat appears to drying out excessively, a quick spray of clean water through a ... more

30 Eggs of Rachovia splendens «Toluviejo COL 2009-06» (Killifish)



Offering 30 eggs of rare Rachovia splendens «Toluviejo COL 2009-06» (Sucre Department, Colombia). DISCLAIMER: The storage conditions and package handling during transportation are out of our control. We can't be responsible if something went wrong (customs issues, dead eggs on arrival, dissolved eggs, problems with hatching, belly sliders, hatch rate, sex ratio etc.). No refunds will be sent in case of such problems. By winning this auction the winner completely agrees with our ... more