Killifish species

Aphyosemion abacinum
Aphyosemion ahli
Aphyosemion alpha
Aphyosemion amoenum
Aphyosemion aureum
Aphyosemion australe
Aphyosemion bamilekorum
Aphyosemion batesii
Aphyosemion bitaeniatum
Aphyosemion bivittatum
Aphyosemion bochtleri
Aphyosemion boehmi
Aphyosemion bualanum
Aphyosemion buytaerti
Aphyosemion calliurum
Aphyosemion cameronense
Aphyosemion castaneum
Aphyosemion caudofasciatum
Aphyosemion celiae celiae
Aphyosemion celiae winifredae
Aphyosemion chauchei
Aphyosemion christyi
Aphyosemion citrineipinnis
Aphyosemion coeleste
Aphyosemion cognatum
Aphyosemion congicum
Aphyosemion cyanostictum
Aphyosemion dargei
Aphyosemion decorsei
Aphyosemion edeanum
Aphyosemion elberti elberti
Aphyosemion elegans
Aphyosemion escherichi
Aphyosemion exigoideum
Aphyosemion exiguum
Aphyosemion ferranti
Aphyosemion franzwerneri
Aphyosemion fulgens
Aphyosemion gabunense
Aphyosemion georgiae
Aphyosemion haasi
Aphyosemion halleri
Aphyosemion hanneloreae hanneloreae
Aphyosemion hanneloreae wuendschi
Aphyosemion heinemanni
Aphyosemion hera
Aphyosemion herzogi
Aphyosemion hofmanni
Aphyosemion joergenscheeli
Aphyosemion kekemense
Aphyosemion kouamense
Aphyosemion labarrei
Aphyosemion lamberti
Aphyosemion lefiniense
Aphyosemion loennbergii
Aphyosemion louessense
Aphyosemion lugens
Aphyosemion lujae
Aphyosemion maculatum
Aphyosemion margaretae
Aphyosemion marginatum
Aphyosemion meinkeni
Aphyosemion mimbon
Aphyosemion obscurum
Aphyosemion ocellatum
Aphyosemion ogoense
Aphyosemion ottogartneri
Aphyosemion pascheni festivum
Aphyosemion pascheni pascheni
Aphyosemion passaroi
Aphyosemion poliaki
Aphyosemion polli
Aphyosemion primigenium
Aphyosemion punctatum
Aphyosemion pyrophore
Aphyosemion raddai
Aphyosemion rectogoense
Aphyosemion riggenbachi
Aphyosemion schioetzi
Aphyosemion schluppi
Aphyosemion seegersi
Aphyosemion sp. Malinga
Aphyosemion sp. Oyo
Aphyosemion splendopleure
Aphyosemion striatum
Aphyosemion thysi
Aphyosemion tirbaki
Aphyosemion trilineatum
Aphyosemion volcanum
Aphyosemion wachtersi mikeae
Aphyosemion wachtersi wachtersi
Aphyosemion wildekampi
Aphyosemion zygaima
Archiaphyosemion guineense
Archiaphyosemion jeanpoli
Archiaphyosemion maeseni
Archiaphyosemion petersi
Archiaphyosemion viride
Fundulopanchax arnoldi
Fundulopanchax cinnamomeus
Fundulopanchax gresensi
Fundulopanchax mamfensis
Fundulopanchax marmoratus
Fundulopanchax ndianus
Fundulopanchax oeseri
Fundulopanchax powelli
Fundulopanchax puerzli
Fundulopanchax robertsoni
Fundulopanchax rubrolabialis
Fundulopanchax scheeli scheeli
Pronothobranchius kiyawensis
Scriptaphyosemion banforense
Scriptaphyosemion bertholdi
Scriptaphyosemion brueningi
Scriptaphyosemion cauveti
Scriptaphyosemion chaytori
Scriptaphyosemion etzeli
Scriptaphyosemion fredrodi
Scriptaphyosemion geryi
Scriptaphyosemion guignardi
Scriptaphyosemion liberiense
Scriptaphyosemion nigrifluvi
Scriptaphyosemion roloffi
Scriptaphyosemion schmitti

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Killifish for sale

Orange Lyretail Australian Killifish Breeding Pair?? Aphyosemion Australe

Fort Thomas, Kentucky, 410**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


We are hobbyists running a small business breeding & importing different species of aquatic lifeto ship to your aquarium!  All of our fish are guaranteed to be correctly identified by species & sex.

The listing is for a male & female pair of Aphyosemion Australe Orange. Killifish are a new passion of ours. They are similar to apistos as all you need to do is throw a pair in a little tank & they??ll be breeding in no time! We are starting to bring ... more

Bivittatum Funge Rare Killifish 1 Male Chromaphyosemion

Mount Morris, Michigan, 484**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Bivittatum Funge Rare Killifish 1 Male Chromaphyosemion


Breather bags:
do not float place fish in tank immediately. If you float fish will suffocate

Regular bag method:
method for acclimation is to place the unopened bag of fish in your aquarium for about 20 minutes to allow the temps to to rise to your tanks temp. Next, get a clean fish net ready. Place it over a bucket. Dump the contents of the bag into the net. Throw old shipping water out ... more

Gold Gardneeri Eggs 10 Count! Lyretail Killifish Aphyosemion

Mount Morris, Michigan, 484**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Gold Gardneeri Eggs 10 Count! Lyretail Killifish Aphyosemion

You get 10 eggs shipped in damp coco coir hatch date is 04 / 07 / 24

Fish are fasted for at least 24 hours before being shipped to minimize waste during shipping

DOA Policies:
1. Report DOA within the first 2 hour of received the package. We??re not responsible for any report after 1 hour time frame. The package DOA policy will be voided NO EXCEPTIONS
2. Take a photo of the dead ... more

4 Pack of Aphyosemion Australe Killie Med Size Really Nice Beautiful Live Fish

Miami, Florida, 331**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Important Shipping Information from Source Aquatics At Source Aquatics, we prioritize the safe transport of your Aphyosemion australe. Here are our shipping guidelines:
? Shipments are conducted on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays via FEDEX & UPS. ? DOA Guarantee is applicable to next-day shipping, refunds less shipping costs. ?️ Temperature-appropriate packaging is used based on destination climate (local temperature info is helpful). ? ... more

Aphyosemion australe gold killifish pack of 3 male. RARE FISH

Maybrook, New York, 125**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


You are getting 3 males only Australe gold killifish. The pictures are the father of the fish you will receive. The video shows the batch of fish from which your fish will be from. I only have males available at this time. They are a Gorgeous fish. I breed and raise in my New York fish room
We double bag our fish, treat the water with methylene blue and use compressed pure oxygen in every bag. We line our boxes with styrofoam insulation and pack insulation around our bags. Until the ... more