Current Scientific Name:
Aphyosemion alpha
Described: Huber, 1998
Common name(s):
Some Recorded Strains:
Cap Santa Clara DNA01
Santa Clara GJS 00-34

Breeding Aphyosemion alpha

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2 other fishkeeper has successfully bred this species and left a report, results are sumarised below

Long term (fry appear with adults) (100%)

Water Conditions:
Neutral (100%)

20-23°C (100%)

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Orange Lyretail Australian Killifish Breeding Pair?? Aphyosemion Australe

Fort Thomas, Kentucky, 410**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


We are hobbyists running a small business breeding & importing different species of aquatic lifeto ship to your aquarium!  All of our fish are guaranteed to be correctly identified by species & sex.

The listing is for a male & female pair of Aphyosemion Australe Orange. Killifish are a new passion of ours. They are similar to apistos as all you need to do is throw a pair in a little tank & they??ll be breeding in no time! We are starting to bring ... more

Bivittatum Funge Rare Killifish 1 Male Chromaphyosemion

Mount Morris, Michigan, 484**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Bivittatum Funge Rare Killifish 1 Male Chromaphyosemion


Breather bags:
do not float place fish in tank immediately. If you float fish will suffocate

Regular bag method:
method for acclimation is to place the unopened bag of fish in your aquarium for about 20 minutes to allow the temps to to rise to your tanks temp. Next, get a clean fish net ready. Place it over a bucket. Dump the contents of the bag into the net. Throw old shipping water out ... more

Gold Gardneeri Eggs 10 Count! Lyretail Killifish Aphyosemion

Mount Morris, Michigan, 484**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Gold Gardneeri Eggs 10 Count! Lyretail Killifish Aphyosemion

You get 10 eggs shipped in damp coco coir hatch date is 04 / 07 / 24

Fish are fasted for at least 24 hours before being shipped to minimize waste during shipping

DOA Policies:
1. Report DOA within the first 2 hour of received the package. We??re not responsible for any report after 1 hour time frame. The package DOA policy will be voided NO EXCEPTIONS
2. Take a photo of the dead ... more

Aphyosemion alpha breeding reports

Each record reproduced here represents one instance of breeding this species. Have you kept and bred Aphyosemion alpha? Why not add a breeding report? If you had different results, or used different methods, please share your experiences

How to keep and breed Aphyosemion alpha

This database consists of breeding reports provided by the world killifish community, along with some statistical analysis. Results provided by successful keepers are aggregated in the bar charts below, with more detailed reports below that. Like any block of data, the larger the more significant. Please contribute a report of your attempt to breed Aphyosemion alpha, even if you have had a negative results. You may, of course, file more than one report, particularly if you change some condition, and had a different result.

breeders have filled in breeding reports, a summary of the results are shown in the graphs below.

Would Aphyosemion alpha be a good addition to a community tank?

  1. Never
  2. Doubtful, only with VERY calm fish
  3. Only with species of similar size
  4. Yes, a good community fish

How would you describe the disposition of Aphyosemion alpha?

  1. Very timid
  2. Slightly timid
  3. Neutral
  4. Somewhat aggressive on occasions
  5. Very aggressive

In which water conditions do you keep these fish?

  1. Very soft and acidic
  2. Moderately soft and acidic
  3. Neutral
  4. Moderately hard and alkaline
  5. Very hard and alkaline

At what average temperature?

  1. 10-15°C
  2. 16-19°C
  3. 20-23°C
  4. 24-27°C
  5. 28°C+

What, if any is the biggest difficulty encountered when breeding these fish?

  1. Poor egg production
  2. Poor egg survival
  3. Poor fry survival rate
  4. Deformities
  5. Skewed sex ratio

How would you describe sex ratios when breeding Aphyosemion alpha?

  1. Almost all males
  2. Somewhat male heavy
  3. Roughly equal
  4. Somewhat female heavy
  5. Almost all females

In general, how difficult is Aphyosemion alpha to keep and breed?

  1. Very easy
  2. Easy
  3. Average
  4. Difficult
  5. Very difficult

How successful have you been at breeding Aphyosemion alpha?

  1. Very unsuccessful
  2. Fairly unsuccessful
  3. Average
  4. Fairly successful
  5. Very successful

Very successful / fairly successful

Breeding Report: Aphyosemion alpha
Location code: Cap Santa Clara DNA01
Water conditions: Neutral, 20-23oC
Spawning Method: Long term (fry appear with adults)
Breeding problems: Skewed sex ratio
Sex ratio: Somewhat male heavy
Breeding difficulty: Very difficult
Success: Fairly successful
Other Comments: Use almond leaves for incresed egg production.
Breeder: Chris Wetmore, Denver Colorado USA
Date this record created: 11th September 2003

Average success

Breeding Report: Aphyosemion alpha
Location code: Santa Clara GJS 00-34
Water conditions: Moderately soft and acidic, 20-23oC
Spawning Method: Peat (or similar) spawning substrate
Sex ratio: Somewhat male heavy
Breeding difficulty: Average
Success: Average
Other Comments: For breeding I used an aquarium of 20x20x30 cm. It is tight covered and equipped with an internal filter. The water should have about 200 to 300 ìS (not more than 6° DGH) pH 6,5 and water temperature approximately 22 to 24°C. In case the tap water has higher values one can mix it with soft water like this from an osmose apparatus. Working with fiber peat moss is recommended and if using soft water the pH value will decrease. It is possible to work also with a top mop. But using fiber peat I had better success. Before breeding the females were kept separately and fed with heavy food. The breeding set exists of one male and two females. The fish will be brought into an optimal spawning mood with a result of water change of 1/3 and changing the fiber moss. So the pH- value will be lowered. After an other week a 1/3 of the water should be changed. It does not matter if the peat moss whirls up. A further week later the breeding pair and 2/3 of the water I remove from this aquarium. This water can be used for a new breeding set. The rest of the water and the peat moss with the eggs will be given into a dish. Then I pourr 2 liter soft water of approximately 100 ìs to the peat with the eggs. Several days later you can see the small fishes on the surface of the water. They will fed with vinegar eels and new hatched Artemia nauplii immediately. Dead food must be removed daily and a mouldy skin on the water surface, too. After 3 weeks it is recommended to pousr the fish with the water into a bigger aquarium. To prevent Oodinium it is useful to add tap water in the course of a week in small portions into this aquarium. Feeding sifted Cyclops nauplii and regularly changing of water is necessary for good growth. When the youngster are large enough one can install an interior filter.
Breeder: Rudolf Pohlmann, DKG-study group Chromaphyosemion
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4 Pack of Aphyosemion Australe Killie Med Size Really Nice Beautiful Live Fish

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Red Cap Medaka Ricefish aka Japanese Ricefish / Killifish (Oryzias latipes "Red Ca

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The Red Cap Medaka Ricefish (Oryzias latipes ??Red Cap??), also known as the Japanese Ricefish or Japanese Killifish, is an extraordinarily adaptable fish species. This schooling fish can be the ... more

2 oz Grindal worm starter culture LIVE fish food for betta fry killifish & more

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Bluefin Killifish (Lucania goodei) "Feelin Goodei" - Aquarium Fish T-shirt

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Neon Stripe Lampeye Killifish (Aplocheilichthys macrophthalmus), TANK-BRED!

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Erie, Pennsylvania, 165**, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


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