There have been quite a number of books solely about killifish, however these often go out of print very quickly. Luckily websites such as Amazon and Ebay regularly sell pre-owned books allowing us a chance to find unavailable titles. It should be noted that simply because a big supplier like Amazon does not stock a book, it does not mean that it's competitors do not.

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The Killifish Encyclopedia: Basic Care and Breeding (Anthology of Killifish)

T R Grady

The Killifish Encyclopedia Basic Care & Breeding is the first in a series of reference guides about Killifish. Volume I covers all the basics on how to maintain, breed and care for these beautiful small tropical fish. 112 pages over 100 photos

Killifish Aquarium, A Step-By-Step Guide

Darryl Yu

This 150 page book covers a number of different topics not covered in other books, such as killifish photography and trading in killifish eggs - but also much of the basics on killifish keeping, feeding, breeding etc. 150 pages with 250 colour images. Great book!

Killifishes of the World: New World Killis (Aqualog Reference Books)

Lothar Seegers

Hardback, 224 pages. The aqualog killifish book on new world killis is just as goos as its old world predecessors. Full colour images of the genera Cyprinodon, Cynolebias, Pterolebias, Rivulus, and Simpsonichthys, as well as the North AmericanFundulus. Great for species Identification, but also with easy 'how-to' symbols for each species.

Killifishes of the world - Old World Killis I (Aqualog Reference Books)

Lothar Seegers

The first Aqualog killifish volume concentrates on West African species of the genera Aphyosemion and Fundulopanchax as well as Lampeyes and Ricefishes. Over 800 full colour images.

Killifishes of the world - Old World Killis II (Aqualog Reference Books)

Lothar Seegers

The second Aqualog killifish book takes us through the African annual fish of the genera Nothobranchius and Fundulosoma and the non- annual genera of Aplochielus, Aphanius, Diapteron and Epiplatys. 112 pages with 550 beautiful full colour images. Great for species Identification, but also with easy 'how-to' symbols for each species.

Pearl Killifishes: The Cynolebiatinae: Systematics and Biogeography of the Neotropical Annual Fish Subfamily (Cyprinodontiformes : Rivulidae)

Wilson J. E. M. Costa

Atlas of Killifishes of Old World

Jorgen J. Scheel

This coffee table style book is jam packed with really great photographs of killifish. Its equally stuffed with information too, though some of the names have changed since its publication. This is probably the most complete single volume on killifish!

Killifish: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual

Steffen Hellner

A fantastic summation of all you need to know to keep and breed killifish. Maintainance, food, health and breeding techniques are all covered in sufficient detail and with ample illustrations. Not that many colour photographs, but the ones that do appear are stunning. 72 pages.

Breeding Killifishes

Marshal Ostrow


Rex A. Jubb

Although a small book (61 pages) this is a must for Nothobranchius fans. The pictures are of a reasonable standard and the nomenclature is clearly dated, however this is the only book that studies the genus in any depth, and contains some interesting insights, for a very small price.

Success with killifish (Mini pet reference series ; no. 1)

Edward Warner