Epiplatys (like this Epiplatys annulatus Monrovia) particularly like fruit flies
Pseudoepiplatys annulatus Monrovia, about to a eat a drosophila from the water's surface

Most killifish will eat commercially available and home-prepared foods, though all love livefoods. In fact, a regular serving of live foods will certainly increase your fishes vitality, colouration and overall health. Live foods can be bought (although they are sometimes expensive), collected (not always easy), or cultured. Luckily culturing foods for fish is very cheap, and very easy...

White worm Starter culture Organic fish / frog / newt food FREE SHIPPING!



WHITE WORM Starter colony White worms are smaller cousins to earthworms that are part of natures janitorial crew. These little guys will grow to a length of a little more than 1" long, and make great food for just about ANY fish fry, as well as Bettas, Corydoras, angelfish, newts, salamanders, some frogs (fry through adult) and several other critters. With their small size, fish fry can easily get... more

Live Vinegar eels (Turbatrix aceti) starter culture, Multiple sizes available



This is a listing for starter vinegar eel culture. Vinegar eels (Turbatrix aceti) are a free-living nematode used as a live food for adult fish and baby fish fry. They eat the microorganisms in unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Because they move around and wiggle, vinegar eels are an excellent first food for fish fry as the movement triggers the fry's natural eating reflex. Vinegar eels will also ... more

Microworm Culture FREE SHIPPING!!!



These microworms are meant to feed fish that are too small to accept the traditional food such as pellet and flakes. WE SHIPPED EVERYWHERE IN THE USA!! 
 The live food will move in the water which triggers the eating reflex of the baby fish. Microworms are a great start to a fry's healthy diet. 
 Will come with 1 OZ Culture safety packed and instruction on how to culture worms shipped first ... more