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Epiplatys (like this Epiplatys annulatus Monrovia) particularly like fruit flies
Pseudoepiplatys annulatus Monrovia, about to a eat a drosophila from the waters surface
Most killifish will eat commercially available and home-prepared foods, though all love livefoods. In fact, a regular servinf of live foods will certainly increase your fishes vitality, colouration and overall health. Live foods can be bought (although they are sometimes expensive), collected (not always easy), or cultured. Luckily culturing foods for fish is very cheap, and very easy...

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Aphyosemion herzogi
Aphyosemion herzogi

Rivulus intermittens
Rivulus intermittens

Rivulus igneus
Rivulus igneus


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Micro worm Starter culture ready to feed! LIVE FOOD betta, ram Killfish and more

Micro Worm Live Starter Culture Very Easy 24 Hour Harvest 4 Your Betta FRY

Hydei FRUIT FLY CULTURE Freshly Seeded AFFORDABLE + ROBUST with Care Guide!

L@@K MELANOGASTER Fruit Fly Culture Freshly Seeded w/Care Guide QUICK SHIP!

NEW! Fruit Fly Starter Culture 🐝🐝 (Drosophila Hydel) 🐝🐝Free S&H WITH HEAT

L@@K TURKISH GLIDERS Fruit Fly Culture FASTER PRODUCING than Melanogaster

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Canadian ebay listings

Repashy Superfoods - Superfly - Fruit Fly Culture Medium - Premium Mixture 170g

C $19.99
Repashy Superfoods 105.6oz SuperFly Fruit Fly Culturing Medium -JUMBO SIZE 6.6LB

C $84.95
Micro worm Starter culture ready to feed! LIVE FOOD betta, ram Killfish and more

C $5.31
Vinegar Eel large feeder culture LIVE fish food for newborn bettas, Rams, & MORE

C $11.96
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