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Paste Food Recipe

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For some reason fish that ignore most prepared foods will still tuck into paste food. The recipe I use is adapted from several others with my own additions- generally because those were the ingredients I had. The ingredients are listed below, with approximate (I never weigh anything) proportions by weight. Put the whole lot into a blender until its just a liquid. If you use heart you should blend it seperately with a small amount of water; otherwise you can burn out the blenders motor. Add or skip anything- save a little here or there from your own meals (especially if youíre shelling prawns) and stick them in the freezer. I would imagine this food tastes similar to most crustaceans that our fish would eat.

Whole prawns (shell on) (40-50%)
- This is the main ingredient. Use the head, tail , eggs - everything. I do remove a few of the legs but without being particularly thorough, just to stop fish wasting their time thinking they can eat them. Its amazing what whole prawns will blend down to.

Other shellfish (10-20%)
- any you can find, fresh or in brine. Iíve used clams, cockles, whelks, etc- use whateverís cheap and available. Crabsticks are quite cheap, but contain very little crab (fish donít seem to mind though).

Fish meat (10-20%)
-again use whateverís cheap and available.

Heart/liver (10-20%)
- beefheart is not readily available in the UK, however pig/lamb works just as well. Remove all the excess fat first.

Vegetable matter (20%)
- I always use peas (Iíve had nothos who were very fond of shelled peas on their own- let alone as part of a paste food) Also carrot, tomato, cabbage, greenbeans etc- a mixture is far better than just one type. I also add a few other things for various reasons, and when I remember. The amounts are based on making a whole blender full.

ReadyBrek, or other instant oat cereal -(tablespoon)
- full of good things

Fennel seeds -(pinch)
-ground up- for flavour

- for flavour, but also allegedly good for preventing intestinal worms, and generally promoting good health

Brewers yeast -(teaspoon)
- full of B vitamins

Anstaxanthin -(1/2 teaspoon)
- colour enhancer, derived from an algae- brings out the red in your fish. Young fish colour-up earlier, and adult fish look great!

Cod liver oil -(trace)
- full of good things- especially if youíre a fish!

Old flake/pellet foods
- any commercial fish food, that they won't eat on its own.

Once its all mixed together you can add more water if its too dry. Ideally the mix should be a paste. Once youíre happy with the ingredients boil up a cup of water and dissolve 2 sachets of gelatine. Make sure the water boils and all the gelatine dissolves. Blend this into the mix as well. You can spoon the mix into zip-lock bags, lay them flat and leave to cool overnight, preferably in a refrigerator. They will gradually set. The next day freeze them. Defrost what you need, as you need it. The only time my fish ignore this food is if it gets caught in the hornwort and they donít see it!

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