Current Scientific Name:
Aphanius anatoliae sureyanus
Described: (Neu), 1937
Common name(s):

Breeding Aphanius anatoliae sureyanus

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1 other fishkeeper has successfully bred this species and left a report, results are sumarised below

Spawning Mops (100%)

Water Conditions:
Very hard and alkaline (100%)

20-23°C (100%)

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Aphanius anatoliae sureyanus breeding reports

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How to keep and breed Aphanius anatoliae sureyanus

This database consists of breeding reports provided by the world killifish community, along with some statistical analysis. Results provided by successful keepers are aggregated in the bar charts below, with more detailed reports below that. Like any block of data, the larger the more significant. Please contribute a report of your attempt to breed Aphanius anatoliae sureyanus, even if you have had a negative results. You may, of course, file more than one report, particularly if you change some condition, and had a different result.

breeder has filled in a breeding report, a summary of which is shown in the graphs below.

Would Aphanius anatoliae sureyanus be a good addition to a community tank?

  1. Never
  2. Doubtful, only with VERY calm fish
  3. Only with species of similar size
  4. Yes, a good community fish

How would you describe the disposition of Aphanius anatoliae sureyanus?

  1. Very timid
  2. Slightly timid
  3. Neutral
  4. Somewhat aggressive on occasions
  5. Very aggressive

In which water conditions do you keep these fish?

  1. Very soft and acidic
  2. Moderately soft and acidic
  3. Neutral
  4. Moderately hard and alkaline
  5. Very hard and alkaline

At what average temperature?

  1. 10-15°C
  2. 16-19°C
  3. 20-23°C
  4. 24-27°C
  5. 28°C+

What, if any is the biggest difficulty encountered when breeding these fish?

  1. Poor egg production
  2. Poor egg survival
  3. Poor fry survival rate
  4. Deformities
  5. Skewed sex ratio

How would you describe sex ratios when breeding Aphanius anatoliae sureyanus?

  1. Almost all males
  2. Somewhat male heavy
  3. Roughly equal
  4. Somewhat female heavy
  5. Almost all females

In general, how difficult is Aphanius anatoliae sureyanus to keep and breed?

  1. Very easy
  2. Easy
  3. Average
  4. Difficult
  5. Very difficult

How successful have you been at breeding Aphanius anatoliae sureyanus?

  1. Very unsuccessful
  2. Fairly unsuccessful
  3. Average
  4. Fairly successful
  5. Very successful

Very successful / fairly successful

Breeding Report: Aphanius anatoliae sureyanus
Water conditions: Very hard and alkaline, 20-23oC
Spawning Method: Spawning Mops
Breeding problems: Poor fry survival rate
Sex ratio: Roughly equal
Breeding difficulty: Difficult
Success: Fairly successful
Other Comments: Due to the shallow nature of their natural environment, they are used to higher temperatures in the summer than some other Anatolian Aphanius species. 24C is a good breeding temperature, however, this should be lowered to around 4C for a period in winter.The fry are tiny and extremely fragile and are not good eaters. Infusoria is taken initially and then micro worm. The fish are from a salt water lake but can be acclimatised to hard fresh water. The best way to breed this species is through the use of large outdoor tubs with plenty of blanket weed.
Breeder: Emile Farmer, Norrkoping Sweden (1 years experience with this species)
Date this record created: 7th June 2008

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