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Epiplatys dageti monroviae

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Epiplatys dageti monroviae

Epiplatys dageti monroviae

Current Scientific Name: Epiplatys dageti monroviae
Known Strains:

Have you had any experience breeding this species? Why not fill in a species questionaire. 11 other fishkeepers sucessfully bred this species and left a reports, their results are sumarised below

Long term (fry appear with adults) (18%)
Spawning Mops (64%)
Peat (or similar) spawning substrate (9%)
Adult fish removed from tank (9%)

Water Conditions:
Very soft and acidic (9%)
Moderately soft and acidic (64%)
Neutral (18%)
Moderately hard and alkaline (9%)

20-23C (80%)
24-27C (20%)

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PAIR Red-chinned Panchax * Epiplatys dageti * KILLIFISH

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Live Tropical Aquarium Fish for Sale - Clown Killifish - Bundles - 1 - 15

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