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Poropanchax normani

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Poropanchax normani The blue

Poropanchax normani The blue 'lamp' over the eye is never as bright in photographs as it is in real life

Current Scientific Name: Poropanchax normani
Known Strains:no records

Poropanchax normani

Poropanchax normani

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Peat (or similar) spawning substrate (33%)
Adult fish removed from tank (67%)

Water Conditions:
Moderately soft and acidic (33%)
Moderately hard and alkaline (67%)

16-19C (33%)
24-27C (67%)

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Poropanchax normani

Poropanchax normani

This small lampeye is widespread in Western and Central Africa, and is also widely available to the aquarium trade

A very peaceful species that can not hold its own at feeding time against more aggressive fish. It will thrive on a varied diet, including newly hatched artemia, even as an adult.


Poropanchax normani

Poropanchax normani

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