Thanks for taking the time to fill in this Breeding Report. Over time this will create an invaluble reference database for anyone wishing to keep and breed Rivulus hildebrandi. Please take a minute to read these comments before proceeding just to ensure you know the 'rules'


1. You don't have to answer any question (including your name!) but please include any relevant details

2. Please make sure that any location codes are correct. If you are not sure CHECK THEM FIRST

3. You can fill this questionaire in as many times as you breed these fish. If you breed them again next year, come back and update us!

Location code

Did your strain of Rivulus hildebrandi have a location code? Please select one from the list (if applicable) or add one here. If you are unsure, please select 'aquarium strain'

Aquarium strain
PBS 02-3

Water Conditions

In which water conditions do you keep these fish? If no answer is appropriate, you may provide more details in the final section of this questionaire. This (and any other) question may be left unanswered. Very soft and acidic
Moderately soft and acidic
Moderately hard and alkaline
Very hard and alkaline

...and at what average temperature? 10-15C


How would you describe the disposition of Rivulus hildebrandi? Very timid
Slightly timid
Active, but not aggresive
Somewhat aggresive on occasions
Very aggressive

Would Rivulus hildebrandi be a suitable addition to community tank? Never
Doubtful, only with VERY calm fish
Only with species of similar size
Yes, a good community fish


What method did you use to spawn Rivulus hildebrandi? If you answer 'other' please give details in the final section Long term (fry appear with adults)
Spawning Mops
Peat (or similar) spawning substrate
Adult fish removed from tank

What, if any are the biggest difficulties in breeding these fish. You may check as many boxes as you like. If no answer is appropriate, please leave this question unanswered. Poor egg production
Poor egg survival
Poor fry survival rate
Skewed sex ratio

How would you describe sex ratios when breeding Rivulus hildebrandi? Almost all males
Somewhat male heavy
Roughly equal
Somewhat female heavy
Almost all females

In general, how difficult is Rivulus hildebrandi to keep and breed? Very easy
Very difficult

How sucessful have you been at breeding Rivulus hildebrandi? Very unsucessful
Fairly unsucessful
Fairly sucessful
Very sucessful

When did this breeding occur? If you've bred them repeatedly, please give the most recent date, and consider creating a different report for older events (especially if conditions or results varied)

Number of years experience with this species (round up)

Other Comments

If you have any further comments or observations about this species, or would like to go into more details than the above questionaire allows, please give details here. A few suggestions:
food, light, growth rate, canibalism, spawning method etc

Your name (optional)

Location (optional)