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The annual fish of South America tend to inhabit temporary pools created by the massive flooding of rivers such as the Amazon and its tributaries rather than direct rainfall. The main genera are Austrolebias, Cynolebias and Simpsonichthys.

List of known species

Austrofundulus guajira
Austrofundulus limnaeus
Austrofundulus myersi
Austrofundulus transilis
Austrolebias adloffi
Austrolebias affinis
Austrolebias alexandri
Austrolebias apaii
Austrolebias bellottii
Austrolebias carvalhoi
Austrolebias charrua
Austrolebias cinereus
Austrolebias cyaneus
Austrolebias duraznensis
Austrolebias gymnoventris
Austrolebias ibicuiensis
Austrolebias jaegari
Austrolebias juanlangi
Austrolebias litzi
Austrolebias luteoflammulatus
Austrolebias melanoorus
Austrolebias minuano
Austrolebias nachtigalli
Austrolebias nigripinnis
Austrolebias nigrofasciatus
Austrolebias nioni
Austrolebias nonoiuliensis
Austrolebias paranaensis
Austrolebias patriciae
Austrolebias periodicus
Austrolebias Robustus
Austrolebias salviai
Austrolebias toba
Austrolebias vandenbergi
Austrolebias vazferreirai
Austrolebias viarius
Cynolebias albipunctatus
Cynolebias attenuatus
Cynolebias gibbus
Cynolebias gilbertoi
Cynolebias griseus
Cynolebias itapicuruensis
Cynolebias leptocephalus
Cynolebias microphthalmus
Cynolebias perforatus
Cynolebias porosus
Cynolebias vazabarrisensis
Gnatholebias hoignei
Gnatholebias zonatus
Megalebias cheradophilus
Megalebias elongatus
Megalebias monstrosus
Megalebias prognathus
Megalebias wolterstorffi
Micromoema xiphophora
Moema hellneri
Moema heterostigma
Moema nudifrontata
Moema pepotei
Moema piriana
Moema portugali
Moema quiii
Moema staecki
Plesiolebias aruana
Plesiolebias glaucopterus
Plesiolebias lacerdai
Plesiolebias sp. Xingu
Plesiolebias xavantei
Pterolebias bokermanni
Pterolebias longipinnis
Pterolebias phasianus
Rachovia brevis
Rachovia hummelincki
Rachovia maculipinnis
Rachovia pyropunctata
Rachovia stellifer
Renova oscari
Simpsonichthys alternatus
Simpsonichthys antenori
Simpsonichthys auratus
Simpsonichthys boitonei
Simpsonichthys bokermanni
Simpsonichthys brunoi
Simpsonichthys chacoensis
Simpsonichthys cholopteryx
Simpsonichthys constanciae
Simpsonichthys costai
Simpsonichthys delucai
Simpsonichthys elegans
Simpsonichthys fasciatus
Simpsonichthys filamentosus
Simpsonichthys flagellatus
Simpsonichthys flammeus
Simpsonichthys flavicaudatus
Simpsonichthys fulminantis
Simpsonichthys ghisolfii
Simpsonichthys gibberatus
Simpsonichthys hellneri
Simpsonichthys izecksohni
Simpsonichthys janaubensis
Simpsonichthys macaubensis
Simpsonichthys magnificus
Simpsonichthys marginatus
Simpsonichthys mediopapillatus
Simpsonichthys multiradiatus
Simpsonichthys myersi
Simpsonichthys notatus
Simpsonichthys ocellatus
Simpsonichthys papilliferus
Simpsonichthys perpendicularis
Simpsonichthys picturatus
Simpsonichthys reticulatus
Simpsonichthys rosaceus
Simpsonichthys rufus
Simpsonichthys santanae
Simpsonichthys similis
Simpsonichthys stellatus
Simpsonichthys suzarti
Simpsonichthys trilineatus
Simpsonichthys virgulatus
Simpsonichthys whitei
Simpsonichthys zonatus
Spectrolebias semiocellatus
Terranatos dolichopterus

Thumbnail view

click images for more details and pictures of each species.

Austrofundulus guajiraAustrolebias adloffiAustrolebias duraznensisAustrolebias nigripinnis
Gnatholebias zonatusMegalebias wolterstorffiMicromoema xiphophoraMoema hellneri
Pterolebias longipinnisPterolebias phasianusRachovia brevisRachovia pyropunctata
Renova oscariSimpsonichthys chacoensisSimpsonichthys constanciaeSimpsonichthys delucai
Simpsonichthys flammeusSimpsonichthys fulminantisSimpsonichthys magnificusSimpsonichthys marginatus
Simpsonichthys notatusSimpsonichthys ocellatusSimpsonichthys papilliferusSimpsonichthys reticulatus
Simpsonichthys santanaeSimpsonichthys stellatusSimpsonichthys zonatusTerranatos dolichopterus


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