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Latest Killifish Images - part 1

The images on this page are the most recent killifish photographs to have been added to the site. All fish were photographed with Olympus digital cameras.

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Epiplatys & Nothobranchius

Rivulus iridescens

Rivulus iridescens Santo Tomas CM-03. An attractive Rivulus from Peru.

Nothobranchius pienaari

Nothobranchius pienaari from Mozambique. This strain was collected in Mozambique in 2008

Aplocheilus lineatus

Aplocheilus lineatus Gold

Rivulus agilae

Rivulus agilae A French Guianan strain: Fourgassier Fr Guy 07-5

Rivulus magdalenae

Rivulus magdalenae Male

Rivulus waimacui

Rivulus waimacui This killifish come from Guyana, South America. Male foreground, female behind.

Fundulopanchax nigerianus

Fundulopanchax nigerianus A stunning pair from Jos Plateau, in central Nigeria.

Simpsonichthys santanae

Simpsonichthys santanae

Simpsonichthys santanae

Simpsonichthys santanae A colourful male

Rivulus agilae

Rivulus agilae Rivulus agilae Rivière d'Hervieux GP 05/18, male

Aphyosemion herzogi

Aphyosemion herzogi A nice male A. herzogi from Ayene, Equitorial Guinea (GEMLBJ 03-30)

Rivulus intermittens

Rivulus intermittens A nice male of the El Varillal GMC 01-10 strain. Females have a spot at the base of the caudal fin. This Peruvian Rivulus can grow up to 7 or 8cm

Poropanchax normani

Poropanchax normani

Poropanchax normani

Poropanchax normani

Poropanchax normani

Poropanchax normani

Poropanchax normani

Poropanchax normani The blue 'lamp' over the eye is never as bright in photographs as it is in real life

Aphyosemion amoenum

Aphyosemion amoenum Son Mayo EMS 90/8

Aphyosemion cyanostictum

Aphyosemion cyanostictum LEC 93-5 female

Aphyosemion hera

Aphyosemion hera ARK 1-2/96 male

Aphyosemion hera

Aphyosemion hera male

Fundulopanchax kandemi

Fundulopanchax kandemi Korup National Park

Aphyosemion primigenium

Aphyosemion primigenium GEB 94-21

Fundulopanchax walkeri

Fundulopanchax walkeri orange female

Fundulopanchax walkeri

Fundulopanchax walkeri orange male

Aphyosemion wachtersi wachtersi

Aphyosemion wachtersi wachtersi RPC 91-13 Obilly

Nothobranchius eggersi

Nothobranchius eggersi Rufiji River FTZ 05-06

Aphyosemion bitaeniatum

Aphyosemion bitaeniatum Multicolour Lagos

Archiaphyosemion maeseni

Archiaphyosemion maeseni

Pachypanchax sakaramyi

Pachypanchax sakaramyi . A large male on display at the 2007 BKA convention

Aplocheilus dayi werneri

Aplocheilus dayi werneri Kottawa Forest male

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