Killifish species

Nothobranchius albimarginatus
Nothobranchius annectens
Nothobranchius bojiensis
Nothobranchius brieni
Nothobranchius capriviensis
Nothobranchius cardinalis
Nothobranchius chochamandai
Nothobranchius eggersi
Nothobranchius elongatus
Nothobranchius fasciatus
Nothobranchius flagrans
Nothobranchius flammicomantis
Nothobranchius foerschi
Nothobranchius furzeri
Nothobranchius fuscotaeniatus
Nothobranchius geminus
Nothobranchius guentheri
Nothobranchius hassoni
Nothobranchius interruptus
Nothobranchius janpapi
Nothobranchius jubbi
Nothobranchius kafuensis
Nothobranchius kilomberoensis
Nothobranchius kirki
Nothobranchius korthausae
Nothobranchius krysanovi
Nothobranchius kuhntae
Nothobranchius lourensi
Nothobranchius lucius
Nothobranchius luekei
Nothobranchius makondorum
Nothobranchius malaissei
Nothobranchius melanospilus
Nothobranchius microlepis
Nothobranchius milvertzi
Nothobranchius neumanni
Nothobranchius nubaensis
Nothobranchius ocellatus
Nothobranchius orthonotus
Nothobranchius palmqvisti
Nothobranchius patrizii
Nothobranchius pienaari
Nothobranchius polli
Nothobranchius rachovii
Nothobranchius robustus
Nothobranchius rosenstocki
Nothobranchius rubripinnis
Nothobranchius rubroreticulatus
Nothobranchius ruudwildekampi
Nothobranchius sagittae
Nothobranchius sainthousei
Nothobranchius seegersi
Nothobranchius serengetiensis
Nothobranchius sp. Melele River MOZ 04-11
Nothobranchius sp. Messalo river MZHL 05-12
Nothobranchius sp. Nyando River KE 01-3
Nothobranchius sp. Odienya K86-9
Nothobranchius sp. Runere
Nothobranchius sp. TAN 97-21
Nothobranchius sp. TAN 97-23
Nothobranchius steinforti
Nothobranchius symoensi
Nothobranchius taeniopygus
Nothobranchius torgashevi
Nothobranchius ugandensis
Nothobranchius usanguensis
Nothobranchius virgatus
Nothobranchius vosseleri
Nothobranchius willerti
Pronothobranchius kiyawensis

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Killifish for sale

Nothobranchius Ruudwildekampi | Eggs in Substrate | Rare East African Killifish



This lot includes uncounted eggs of Nothobranchius ruudwildekampi in the spawning substrate. It's a result of 2-pair x 10-day spawn
This species is restricted to Tanzania's coastal freshwater environments. It is known from seasonal pools and swamps in the Mbezi, Luhule, and a small stream system immediately related with the northern fringe zone of the Rufiji delta in coastal Tanzania
The eggs are incredibly delicate, although they can survive a considerable amount of disruption. The eggs... more

Killifish Eggs Nothobranchius - Tropical Freshwater Fish Eggs for Hatching

Samut Prakan, THAILAND


About us
We are a live fish food farm based in Thailand, which has focused on researching and developing fish food products
Some of our best sellers are the ready-to-hatch eggs of Daphnia, Artemia, Triops, Fairy shrimp, Rotifers, and Moina that can be hatched, cultured, and fed to your fish (also shellfish, crab, and shrimp) as live food. Other recommended products include UHT high-nutrient food made from living black mosquito larvae, and Moina Macrocopa kept fresh in sterilized... more

Nothobranchius Eggersi | Eggs in Substrate | East African Killifish | Red Strain



This lot includes uncounted eggs of Nothobranchius eggersi in the spawning substrate. It's a result of 2-pair x 10-day spawn
This species is endemic to the lower basin of the Rufiji River in Tanzania. Its natural habitat is temporary pools and swamps. Nothobranchius eggersi was described in 1982 by Lothar Seegers with the type biology given as the Rufiji River near Utete, eastern Tanzania. The specific name honours Seegers companion on two expeditions, the German aquarist Gerd Eggers
The... more

Spawn (Eggs) of Nothobranchius patrizii «Msumarini K 96-23» (Rare Killifish)



Uncounted eggs of Nothobranchius patrizii «Msumarini K 96-23» (Lamu County ?? Kenia) in the spawning substrate. It's a result of 2-pair x 10-day spawn
The eggs are quite fragile, yet can withstand a certain amount of disruption. It takes some effort to locate them in the spawning substrate due to their adhesive properties. Incubation may take three to four months or even more, depending on factors such as temperature, humidity and other conditions. Patience is key when it comes to checking... more

Nothobranchius | Randomly Selected | Toothcarp | Killifish | Stunning Fish



Offering here randomly selected Nothobranchius The image used above is for illustration purposes only.
The size is approximately 3 - 4 cm The fishes are sold as youngsters and have not yet reached their full size and colour potential We combine postage if you order more fish or other goods from us. This lot is based on a pre-order basis. It may take up to 15 working days (except weekends and holidays) before this order is shipped. In case if for whatever reason we can't get the fish within ... more