Non annual fish inhabit permanent and semi-permanent bodies of water mainly in central and West Africa, both in cooler mountain streams and warmer lowland coastal areas. See also the page dedicated to the shoaling African killies, the lampeyes.

Killifish species

Aphyosemion abacinum
Aphyosemion ahli
Aphyosemion alpha
Aphyosemion amoenum
Aphyosemion aureum
Aphyosemion australe
Aphyosemion bamilekorum
Aphyosemion batesii
Aphyosemion bitaeniatum
Aphyosemion bivittatum
Aphyosemion bochtleri
Aphyosemion boehmi
Aphyosemion bualanum
Aphyosemion buytaerti
Aphyosemion calliurum
Aphyosemion cameronense
Aphyosemion castaneum
Aphyosemion caudofasciatum
Aphyosemion celiae celiae
Aphyosemion celiae winifredae
Aphyosemion chauchei
Aphyosemion christyi
Aphyosemion citrineipinnis
Aphyosemion coeleste
Aphyosemion cognatum
Aphyosemion congicum
Aphyosemion cyanostictum
Aphyosemion dargei
Aphyosemion decorsei
Aphyosemion edeanum
Aphyosemion elberti elberti
Aphyosemion elegans
Aphyosemion escherichi
Aphyosemion exigoideum
Aphyosemion exiguum
Aphyosemion ferranti
Aphyosemion franzwerneri
Aphyosemion fulgens
Aphyosemion gabunense
Aphyosemion georgiae
Aphyosemion haasi
Aphyosemion halleri
Aphyosemion hanneloreae hanneloreae
Aphyosemion hanneloreae wuendschi
Aphyosemion heinemanni
Aphyosemion hera
Aphyosemion herzogi
Aphyosemion hofmanni
Aphyosemion joergenscheeli
Aphyosemion kekemense
Aphyosemion kouamense
Aphyosemion labarrei
Aphyosemion lamberti
Aphyosemion lefiniense
Aphyosemion loennbergii
Aphyosemion louessense
Aphyosemion lugens
Aphyosemion lujae
Aphyosemion maculatum
Aphyosemion margaretae
Aphyosemion marginatum
Aphyosemion meinkeni
Aphyosemion mimbon
Aphyosemion obscurum
Aphyosemion ocellatum
Aphyosemion ogoense
Aphyosemion ottogartneri
Aphyosemion pascheni festivum
Aphyosemion pascheni pascheni
Aphyosemion passaroi
Aphyosemion poliaki
Aphyosemion polli
Aphyosemion primigenium
Aphyosemion punctatum
Aphyosemion pyrophore
Aphyosemion raddai
Aphyosemion rectogoense
Aphyosemion riggenbachi
Aphyosemion schioetzi
Aphyosemion schluppi
Aphyosemion seegersi
Aphyosemion sp. Malinga
Aphyosemion sp. Oyo
Aphyosemion splendopleure
Aphyosemion striatum
Aphyosemion thysi
Aphyosemion tirbaki
Aphyosemion trilineatum
Aphyosemion volcanum
Aphyosemion wachtersi mikeae
Aphyosemion wachtersi wachtersi
Aphyosemion wildekampi
Aphyosemion zygaima
Epiplatys ansorgii
Epiplatys azureus
Epiplatys barmoiensis
Epiplatys berkenkampi
Epiplatys biafranus
Epiplatys bifasciatus bifasciatus
Epiplatys bifasciatus taeniatus
Epiplatys chaperi chaperi
Epiplatys chaperi samborskii
Epiplatys chaperi schreiberi
Epiplatys chaperi sheljuzhkoi
Epiplatys chaperi spillmanni
Epiplatys chevalieri chevalieri
Epiplatys chevalieri nigricans
Epiplatys coccinatus
Epiplatys dageti dageti
Epiplatys dageti monroviae
Epiplatys duboisi
Epiplatys esekanus
Epiplatys etzeli
Epiplatys fasciolatus fasciolatus
Epiplatys fasciolatus puetzi
Epiplatys fasciolatus tototaensis
Epiplatys fasciolatus zimiensis
Epiplatys grahami
Epiplatys guineensis
Epiplatys hildegardae
Epiplatys huberi
Epiplatys infrafasciatus infrafasciatus
Epiplatys Infrafasciatus zenkeri
Epiplatys josianae
Epiplatys lacazei
Epiplatys lamottei
Epiplatys longiventralis
Epiplatys mesogramma
Epiplatys multifasciatus
Epiplatys neumanni
Epiplatys njalaensis
Epiplatys olbrechtsi dauresi
Epiplatys olbrechtsi kassiapleuensis
Epiplatys olbrechtsi olbrechtsi
Epiplatys phoeniceps
Epiplatys roloffi
Epiplatys ruhkopfi
Epiplatys sangmelinensis
Epiplatys sexfasciatus sexfasciatus
Epiplatys sexfasciatus togolensis
Epiplatys singa
Epiplatys spilargyreius
Fundulopanchax amieti
Fundulopanchax arnoldi
Fundulopanchax avichang
Fundulopanchax cinnamomeus
Fundulopanchax deltaensis
Fundulopanchax fallax
Fundulopanchax filamentosus
Fundulopanchax gardneri clauseni
Fundulopanchax gardneri gardneri
Fundulopanchax gardneri lacustris
Fundulopanchax gardneri obuduensis
Fundulopanchax gresensi
Fundulopanchax gularis
Fundulopanchax kandemi
Fundulopanchax mamfensis
Fundulopanchax marmoratus
Fundulopanchax mirabilis intermittens
Fundulopanchax mirabilis mirabilis
Fundulopanchax mirabilis moensis
Fundulopanchax mirabilis traudeae
Fundulopanchax ndianus
Fundulopanchax nigerianus
Fundulopanchax oeseri
Fundulopanchax powelli
Fundulopanchax puerzli
Fundulopanchax robertsoni
Fundulopanchax rubrolabialis
Fundulopanchax scheeli akamkpaensis
Fundulopanchax scheeli scheeli
Fundulopanchax sjoestedti
Fundulopanchax sp. GS2
Fundulopanchax spoorenbergi
Fundulopanchax walkeri
Pachypanchax arnoulti
Pachypanchax omalonotus
Pachypanchax patriciae
Pachypanchax playfairii
Pachypanchax sakaramyi
Pachypanchax sparksorum
Pachypanchax varatraza
Scriptaphyosemion banforense
Scriptaphyosemion bertholdi
Scriptaphyosemion brueningi
Scriptaphyosemion cauveti
Scriptaphyosemion chaytori
Scriptaphyosemion etzeli
Scriptaphyosemion fredrodi
Scriptaphyosemion geryi
Scriptaphyosemion guignardi
Scriptaphyosemion liberiense
Scriptaphyosemion nigrifluvi
Scriptaphyosemion roloffi
Scriptaphyosemion schmitti

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6 X Clown Killifish (Epiplatys annulatus), Banded Panchax, captive-bred killi



The Clown Killifish (Epiplatys annulatus) is captive-bred but is normally found in water holes, streams, and marshes in Africa. These fish are ideal fish for the community "small fish" aquarium, and will add some vibrant color and activity to these aquariums. The males of this species are very brightly colored, with the body having alternating black and yellow vertical stripes resembling a bumblebee. The dorsal and anal fins are very dramatic with blue and red stripes. The female of this species... more

(1) 1-1.5" PAIR Chocolate Australe Killifish TR Aphyosemion live freshwater



Aphyosemion australe "Chocolate Australe Killifish" Two subadult fish at 1-1.5". We carry the Australe Killi, or Lyretail Panchax, in both “Gold” and “Chocolate” ornamental forms. This killifish is a great selection for new Killi enthusiasts, as it is hardy and fairly long-lived: a lifespan of two to three years is relatively common in well-kept home aquaria. Both of our ornamental varieties have similar coloration patterns; the notable difference is that the base body color of male ... more

Fundulopanchax gardneri killifish pair



Healthy pair (one male, one female) F. gardneri killifish born and raised in my tanks. Temp high 60s-72degrees F Conditioned on Live, frozen, and prepared food I ship only Mon-Weds every week. DOA policy > Package must be opened within ONE hour of arrival (shown through USPS tracking)Photo required with message and description.... more

Killifish 30 EGGS (Rare) Fundulopanchax sjoestedti Blue Gularis +Fairy Shrimp



Track Page Views With Auctiva's FREE Counter... more

(1) 1-1.5" PAIR Gold Australe Killifish Aphyosemion live freshwater tropical



Aphyosemion australe "Gold Australe Killi" Two subadult fish at 1-1.5". We carry the Australe Killi, or Lyretail Panchax, in both “Gold” and “Chocolate” ornamental forms. This killifish is a great selection for new Killi enthusiasts, as it is hardy and fairly long-lived: a lifespan of two to three years is relatively common in well-kept home aquaria. Both of our ornamental varieties have similar coloration patterns; the notable difference is that the base body color of male “Gold” is... more

Killifish fundulopanchax gardneri innidere Young Pair Free Java Moss Clump



These fish are young adult pairs roughly 5-7 months old . The first photo is of my adult male as an example of what the male you receive will look like as it colors up . This killifish is Often referred to as the steel blue killi . But the innidere species is in my opinion the best looking Gardneri. Anyway this sale is for a young pair of fundulopanchax gardneri innidere killifish. These fish are home bred by me. If you have any questions about keeping or breeding killifish please don't hesitate... more